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Why Even The Smallest Projects Require A lot Of Attention

We get this question a lot; "Do you guys take on small projects?". The short

answer, WE LOVE SMALL PROJECTS! Getting more precise; yes we take on all

sizes of projects from small (even really small), medium to very large projects 

that take months to complete. 

Remember, small projects that take just a couple days, or even only a few hours 

require just the same attention as the projects that take weeks to complete!

That's right, put simply implementing the same scheduling, planning, and

execution will drive EVERY project regardless of size to overall success and 100% 

client satisfaction. 



Guidelines For A Successful Small Project

1. Discover What You Desire As An End Result

Choosing materials is often the hardest part to any project. Tip: GET A STARTING 

POINT! We often tell clients that are unsure of what they want to get inspiration 

from 1 item in the room (whether new or old) and to work off of this in selecting 

your style/ color/ finish. Choose a theme or play off of something else in your 

house to make your decision go much easier. The advantage to working with us 

is you will have a narrowed selection of tried and true products to choose from 

(keeping your head from spinning) as well as our insight into how these products 

work in your overall design.

2. Cover All Bases

Don't let the smaller size of the project blind you into the "ahh it will go fine, it's 

not a big project". To often we find the clients who just willy nilly their selections 

and don't take much time before the project starts, end up second guessing 

their color choices or finishes after installation is complete. Be prudent and 

patient! Every project requires attention in material selection, regardless of size. 

Let our in house designer and project manager assist you in making the best 

decision possible.

3. Have Fun With It!

One of the best compliments we can get is that we made the process so much 

easier than they ever thought possible. Use our free 3D design, use our 

showroom and our guidance in finding the best materials, but most importantly 

have fun making your project a success!


Our 3 Step Process To Making Your Small Project A Success


1. Free Consultation & Bid To Your Inbox

2. Free Design (If Applicable)

3. Stop By Our Showroom And Pick Materials - Get A Quick Start Date







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