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Many Illinois families spend more waking hours in the kitchen than any other room in the home, so it needs to be both attractive and functional. The challenge of designing a kitchen is identifying what each home wants in terms of functionality, placing appliances and spaces where they can be intuitively found, and keeping the space neat and attractive.

All of these things can be achieved with good design. In addition to a great design, Remodeling Innovation, LLC combines quality components, such as cabinets, countertops, and appliances, with the craftsmanship to assemble them all into one beautiful kitchen design.

The importance of having the work done by a professional kitchen remodeling contractor cannot be overstated. For most people, a home remains one of life’s largest investments. See our "Must Haves" for making your new kitchen experience the best it can be:

4 "Must Haves" In Your New Kitchen

1. Sound Cabinetry Design

It's no surprise that cabinet style and layout should be the most important concerning your new kitchen. Correct cabinets choices can make or break a great kitchen design. Take your time in picking out cabinets that fit your layout (or new layout if you are removing walls) and consider changing heights on upper cabinets for that architectural feel as well as varying base door heights and incorporating stacked drawer cabinets for easy storage.

2. Consider the Overall Layout To Configure Lighting 

Other than cabinetry, lighting should be second on your list. Correct lighting layout can enhance the natural beauty of your new cabinets, countertops, and flooring - or if done incorrectly can take away from it. Expect to consider recessed can lighting, pendant lighting, under cabinet lights and possible sconce lighting. Also consider natural lighting such as windows & doors in the area and how there role plays in the overall design. 

3. Countertops That Pop!

It goes without saying you can't have a great new kitchen without choosing a countertop that compliments your new cabinetry and flooring. Many choices are available today including granite, quartz, concrete, solid surface (such as swanstone/ corian), and laminates (new laminates have come a long way in looking and feeling like granite so don't just brush this option aside since it seems outdated). Edge styles and coordinating an island top can give you many design choices that you can talk about with you contractor/ designer.

4. Find the Right Floors For You

When your  home was first built, the odds are there was a floor put in that wasn't up to par with today's design standards. In addition, you may have normal wear and tear on a floor that needs to be replaced. Your options will give you flexibility in the design depending on what medium you choose. Hardwood continue to be lasting and elegant and the market is flooded with hundreds of variations in species and style. Tile is another great choice seeing that you will not have the worry of water damage as you could get from a wood product, and variations in sizes and patterns of tile can give you kitchen that unique look all are trying to achieve.


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